Habitat For Humanity

A Note from Dennis Jones:

I have been blessed to be part of Knoxville Habitat for Humanity since 2007.

I have been doubly blessed when some of the people of the church who have came along side me and continue to help with this ministry.

In 2007, I was not a regular church going person and was not living close to the Lord as I should.  But while setting in my office the question came, WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP OTHERS?

Habitat for Humanity came into my heart.  I knew that new homeowners did not know how to do basic maintenance on their new homes.  With that,  I contacted Habitat and the HOME MAINTENANCE CLASS WAS BORN.

Since then with the help and guidance of others in the church, we went from just telling new homeowners what they needed to do in their homes, to building work modules where they can do hands on work without flooding or breaking something in their home.  Habitat for Humanity principles were in line to what I thought was the way we should live:




Statistics show that the graduation rate of kids with a home has went up 80%.

Please let Dennis Jones know if you would like to be part of this Ministry.

Other team members are Tim Butler, Mike Jones, Chas Maples, and Terrel Whitaker.

As you can see from the story,  there was a lot of I in the beginning.  (This is where it really gets good and becomes more of a blessing.)  It started out with "I did" which was a heavy load.  After I got my heart right with the Lord and joined a church, the church members came along side of me to help carry the load of the ministry.  It went from being I to being we. Life got to be more of a blessing, the load got lighter, and the I is gone.   NOW IT IS WE !   We are sharing each other's load.  It is amazing how that feels. 

GOD BLESS THE MEN AND Women OF BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH for helping with the load.

Electrical Work

Work module

The Team

Building Work

Sink Work

Water Heater & Pressure Reducer Work

toilet work